10 Reasons Students Are Excited About Going Back To College

It’s that time of year again where students are getting ready to go back to school. While many grade schoolers are upset about summer ending; college students can hardly wait for these reasons:

1. Own Room/Space
– When most college students go home for the summer they usually go back to living with their parents. This means, like myself, sharing rooms with siblings. However, in college having your own space is like the icing on the cake. It can double up as a study area and transform into the venue for a get together.

2. Rekindle with Friends

– Coming to college as a freshman is trial and error with finding a friend group, you literally become friends with everyone. However, after freshman year your squad is established and becomes unbreakable going to all the socials and parties together.

3. Football Season

-Whether your school is on the come up with their football team like UCF or if it’s the best in the nation I’m sure all college students can agree that football season is one to look forward to. Tailgating is like going to a huge picnic with the school and the game is adrenaline filled with everyone cheering for victory. And, of course the after parties for the games are just as fun.

4. Learning

-College is the “Enlightenment Era” of life. You’re constantly being educated regarding finances, social issues, and most importantly about yourself. You’re a sponge soaking up information and making connections in a place that you only experience once in a lifetime. You’re actively seeking knowledge that YOU want to learn about.

5. Independence

– Being responsible for your time and your time only is a major reason to love college. At home, especially in my home, I operate on my parents time. However, in college  I can be selfish. This is a time to think solely for yourself and do things when you want to. There has been plenty of times where I’ve taken a walk to my campus reflecting pond at 11pm just because I felt like going, and didn’t have to explain why I was doing so. Just being free to explore who you are is amazing.

6. Student Organizations and activities

-There is no point in going to college if you aren’t involved. Getting immersed in the student organizations on campus and finding the one that is perfect for you is such a fulfilling feeling. At all times there is always an activity or organization that is waiting to be discovered. Another plus to campus orgnaizations is being able to try new things and meet people.

7. Gym

– Excersing can be a pain and finding time in a busy schedule is even worse. We need all of the motivation we can get, but the campus gym is the place to get motivated. With endless amounts of machines and fun yoga and Zumba classes you’ll never want to leave.

8. Getting connected

-Networking is an important part of life. “It’s not about what you know, but who you know” and in college being surrounded by a huge diverse population is the perfect opportunity to get your name out in the open. I met countless people in different majors and backgrounds than me, and as a result I’ve learned to respect others differences and how to promote myself.

9. School Pride

-Your college is the home you choose for the next 4-6 years of your life. You did all the research and countless hours of studying to get into a college you felt would help you prosper and grow. So it’s no surprise why college students have an unwavering love for their school and what it stands for.

10. Progressing and growing

-The most important thing from the college  experience is growing and fully understanding who you are. Everything you go through is worth the degree you’re getting; as well as the valuable wisdom and sense of self gained from college.


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