How God Answered My Prayers

I took a week-long break from social media, because I felt I was distracted. I was giving less time to God and overall developed an unhealthy habit of not working efficiently. I was literally checking, my phone every five minutes even when there was nothing to check. The fast resulted in me being able to optimize my time, but there were a few obstacles that made the experience hard at times.

All my prayers were answered
Within the first hour of me waking up at the beginning of the fast, God answered one of my prayers. I took this as a sign of God honoring my effort to make a change. Throughout the remainder of the week God either answered my prayers or created a change In the situation I was praying about. I devoted the mornings to writing in my prayer journal, and the nights studying the Bible  and meditatating  on scriptures. I found that by having no distractions God could talk to me and I could hear and act on what he was saying.
More time to be productive and focus
I didn’t realize how many hours I spent on my phone until doing this fast. I had so much free time that I had no choice but to be productive. I created more content for my blog, and began to  prepare for my sophomore year in college . I wasn’t procrastinating as much because, I was able to optimize my time productively .

Although, the fast wasn’t as hard as I expected I still encountered difficult moments. For example, the first day I kept getting the urge to check Twitter and Snapchat. I felt so empty without knowing the updates of people’s lives. I also, went to several gatherings and it was sort of difficult not to break the fast and go on social media. Instead, I was forced to live in the moment during those times and really immerse myself in conversations rather than my screen.

What I learned

Although, the fast is over I haven’t downloaded the apps back on my phone. I decided I wanted to gradually go back into using social media. I plan on allowing myself to go on the media twice a day to limit my exposure time and to prevent me being unproductive.
This fast reminded me of how I was before I had any social media about a year and a half ago. It was a reality check and showed me how I allowed this distraction to take me further away from God.

Please leave a comment below and let me know a distraction you have and that you’re trying to fix.


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