Time off

I’ve noticed that I’ve been stagnant and distracted. It feels as if I’m being pulled in a million different directions without a clue of where to go. This is because I’ve been spiritually starved and mentally distracted. I find myself in a never-ending cycle of school, work, and social media. When I come home from work I’m so drained that I spend all night on social media being unproductive. This cycle is detrimental to my spiritual life because during the day I give God little time; I probably only find myself praying throughout the day but never diving deep into his word. This cycle is also killing me mentally because I become trapped to checking Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It’s as if I’m in a comatose state wanting to escape the trap of social media but unable to put my phone down. I found my room has been messier and I have been waiting until the last minute to complete important thing. So, to end a negative cycle and take control I decided to have a fast from social media for a week. It appears like it’s a small and simple task but, I find myself struggling daily to put my phone down.
I have deleted all social media apps from my phone. I will be cleaning my room before I go to bed and getting prepared for the workday the night before. These tasks seem so simple and like they are second nature but, I’ve been struggling to stay ahead of these tasks. I will also do a daily devotion before going to sleep and write in my prayer journal twice a day.
Through this fast I hope to have god answer my prayers and speak through me because, I will have all my daily distractions on a back burner. I also hope to be more productive and in the moment. I will write a blogpost  in the middle of the week to talk about the fast and my struggles that I may experience and at the end of the week I will do a full synopsis of what I learned and gained from the experience.


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