4C Hair

I’m sorry my 4C hair is to “BLACK” for you.

Untamed, Hard, tough, uncooperative. What is Good hair?

OH, I know my hair must be soft to the touch and have loose curls. Just how you like your girls. A little foreign, mixed with a dab of black.

 I guess the subtle crunch my hair makes when you touch it scares you. But, when did I give you permission to touch this holy temple?

 Don’t use my hair as a punchline in your slave jokes

Why do my people try and wash away their blackness with foreign lineage too far down the line the Cherokee from your great grandma barely showing on your nappy edges?  Embrace those nappy edges When did we start whitewashing black hair?

 Of course, my hair is coarse because these coils represent hard fight.

and no, my edges don’t ever lay down when I put edge control on it because no matter how hard I try I can’t be tamed.

 If my black hair can resist all urges of me trying to lay them edges for the gods, why can’t black people resist from corporations trying to plays us for frauds

like my ancestors my hair is hard to the touch but thick to our roots

My hair is a metaphor, my hair is beautiful, my hair is Eccentric and full of rich history.

 Like the beautiful black goddess that I am I wear this hair as a crown. So, no I will not keep my naps under wraps for you.



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